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2022 Might be a Big Year for 5G Networks

Published Wed, Jan 19 2022 05:39 am
by The Silicon Trend




2022 Might be a Big Year for 5G Networks

Over the past few years, the emerging 5G technology has hyped a lot bring a few ideas like how 5G will help in autonomous vehicles, home-internet options, the metaverse, and AR applications. This year, some of 5G promises might come to reality. T-Mobile has been the most hostile in the early phases of 5G, with its swifter 'ultra capacity' now enveloping 210Mn people, providing a notable boost compared to 4G LTE.

While Verizon and AT&T struggled by comparison with the emerging tech. But in 2022, this could change as the 2 carriers will be able to leverage a novel area of wireless spectrum that will increase speed and work throughout the country. 



C-Band Upgrade

The excellent point for 5G seems to be the mid-band between the higher-frequency millimeter-wave spectrum and the low-band spectrum. It is substantially faster than low-band and has better coverage. This is why AT&T and Verizon bid in a recent FCC auction for a mid-band spectrum called C-band. Verizon targeted enveloping 100Mn people with this signal and discussed a peak download speed of 1Gb/second. AT&T plans to cover between 70 to 75Mn people by 2022 and expand to around 100Mn by next year.

By the end of 2022, T-Mobile announced its aim to expand the network to 250Mn people and cover 90% of US citizens by 2023. In 2021, T-Mobile expanded its home-internet offering to 30Mn people with an average speed of 100Mbps for $50/month. With the new upgrade launch, Verizon targets developing 5G internet offering to envelope 20Mn people for $50/month.





New Experiences

David Christopher, the executive VP at AT&T, said in one of his interviews in 2021 that in a healthcare environment, we require a quick and secure way of moving files and having them easily accessible by healthcare experts. T-Mobile's tech president - Neville Ray, said 2022 is an essential year for wearables. We are seeing a massive innovation through the channels that the company is structuring.

Several companies, including Google, Apple, Qualcomm, Meta, and Microsoft, are rumored to be working on VR and AR headsets. Meta already mocked that its Project Cambria VR headset will be launched in 2022, and Apple to release its first headset the same year. A principal analyst - Anshel Sag, said, "In 2022, we will see a continued expansion of XR and 5G; however, I would also say that we probably won't see many headsets with integrated 5G quite yet." He thinks that we might actually see 5G paired with VR and AR wearables through a Wi-Fi 6E connection or cables this year.