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AirCar With BMW Engine Completes First Inter-City Flight

Published Fri, Jul 02 2021 14:59 pm
by The Silicon Trend


flying car
Flying vehicles have remained a fantasy for many for decades. A car with an equivalent potential of running on roads & flying in the sky sounds exciting but technically challenging. In the last couple of years, several enterprises tried their best on this tech & came up with innovative models. One such is made by AirCar that has completed its first intercity test flight. 

This was also the 1st time any flying car completed an inter-city flight. The vehicle flew between 2 international airports in Bratislava & Nitra in Slovakia on 28th June. The car took 35 minutes to cover the distance. However, AirCar stated, after landing, at a click of a button, the flight transforms into a sports car within 3-minutes. 


The car comes with a 160 hp BMW engine & it also has a ballistic parachute & fixed propeller. As per the AirCar, the vehicle can fly 1,000 km at 8,200 ft. altitude with a speed of 170 kmph. It has already clocked 40 hours of flying at present. The car has performed steep 45-degree turns & testing maneuverability & stability during its flying test. It takes over 2 minutes & 15 seconds to take off & convert from auto to flight, claims the firm.

Flying cars has always been a discussion for quite a long time. These cars are considered the future approach of city commuting & inter-city transport as the roads become congested. These cars can help in decongesting streets & minimize travel time. Ride-hailing services such as Uber have already publicized operating on flying vehicles used in future commuting & inter-city transportation. 

This car is expected to bring a massive change in the mobility sector soon. Among the popular auto-manufacturers, some OEMs such as Hyundai too are working on the flying vehicle tech.




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