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All in One Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Review: This Robot Cleans Everything

Published Mon, Jul 04 2022 09:03 am
by The Silicon Trend

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All in One Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Review: This Robot Cleans Everything

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is the first robot to get the job done without any prep, i.e., no picking up dog toys, no filling water tank, and no checking for errant cables by ourselves. It not only vacuum and mop but also has a camera and on-device AI that determines hurdles to avoid. 

With the auto-emptying dock in the Ultra bundle, you won't have to touch the robot for weeks at a time. After it cleans the floors, it'll clean itself. But that automation isn't cheap, and the $1400 price tag for the complete bundle is just hard to justify.


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Design and Hardware

S7 MaxV is a black puck-shaped bot with a bumper encircling the front half and a compact LIDAR module poking up from the top. The front of the bot has a sensor array that scans your space for potential hurdles. It consists of a 3D Time of Flight sensor, an RGB camera, and LEDs that switch on when ambient light is less.

Moreover, the bot has a glowing light strip on the top front that serves a purpose by letting us know if the device is actively mopping or just vacuuming.


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To set the Ultra, you must grab the Roborock app from the Play Store. The app detects the bot without problem, connects it to Wi-Fi, and intuitively understands what sort of dock you've. The app experience with smart home devices is often a headache; however, Roborock has been consistently reliable. The first run will see the bot create a map of your space, and it does it well-better than any other bot, including Roborock Q5+. 

The 3D sensing potentials seem to offer an even better sense of where things are, and room detection needs just one tweak to get things the way we want. For example, you can set up virtual walls and no-go zones for several floor layouts.


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The actual problem with the app is that it doesn't behave nicely with foldable like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3. On the outside screen, the app is cut off at the bottom. However, it doesn't expand to fill the massive inside screen. It also forces a restart when you shift modes.


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