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Amazon’s Twitch on Hate Raids and Data Breach 

Published Fri, Oct 08 2021 07:08 am
by The Silicon Trend

twitchAmazon’s Twitch on Hate Raids and Data Breach 

An American video lives streaming service - Twitch, the subsidiary of Amazon, was struck by a data breach due to a server configuration error. According to Video Games Chronicle, the violation is claimed to expose the platform's data, such as their source code, unreleased games, and clients. A similar situation occurred when the tech giant Facebook blamed configuration change as the reason behind the approx. 6 hours outage of Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, and Facebook itself on 4th October 2021.

Amazon said the fallacies weren't due to any malevolent activity, and there was no sign of exposing the user's login credentials. According to the report, the main motive of the hacker was to adopt more competition and disruption in the video platform, and around 12GB of data of Twitch was leaked.


Hate Raid on Twitch

A raid is a Twitch feature where users can send their viewers to someone else's channel to improve a new or small medium when it goes offline. Earlier this year, streamers have banned the leveraging of the Twitch platform due to the lack of action against hate raids. The hate raid is aroused when a user abuses the feature with the help of bots, i.e., a fake streamer can be programmed to view a channel or type hateful messages in a chatbox to overwhelm a streamer.

 This might lead to the hate raid victim's account being banned, as the platform policy states that the streamers are responsible for the content moderation in their channel.


New Tools to Fight Hate Raids

The platform has added a new verification tool to fight hate raids. The phone verification chat control requires a viewer to have a verified mobile number to chat to avoid bot chat incidents. Regarding the account ban, if a streamer's account linked with an email or mobile number is banned, then the same goes for all of the other accounts associated with those.

Recently, the platform has filed legal action against users involved in chat-based attacks against vulnerable users.





Image Source: Press Centre Twitch