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Apple Air-Tags: Features, Launch Date, Price

Published Sun, Apr 18 2021 06:51 am
by Angitha Menon

apple airtag

The tech giant Apple has been working on an innovative Tile-like wireless tracking device that tracks your essentials through the 'Find my' app when attached to items such as wallets, keys, or hang it around the bicycle. As rumors had been around for a long time & based on assets found in several versions of iOS & trademarking details brought by MacRumors, the tech giant is planning to name its tracking tech as the Air-Tag.

The tech is still on its operation & there's no fixed release date so far, but signs of Air-Tags have identified in iOS 13 & 14 updates & launch could be near Apple's Spring-Loaded event on April 20th. Recently the firm updated the Find my ap enabling people to locate 3rd party items through the same, which is a further step towards enhancing the compatibility of several 3rd party items ahead of its Air-Tags launch.

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There are numerous equivalent products on the market like Adero, Tile, Samsung Galaxy Smart tag & more, but Apple's version will be more integrated with its devices. The Air-Tags have an inbuilt chip that allows the tech to connect to an iPhone, relying on the device positions they're attached. They are compact, disc-shaped white tags with an Apple logo on the front. People can use their iPad, Mac & iPhones to track the location of Air-Tags, much like finding a missing Apple device.

How do the tracking items work with Air-Tags?

Air-Tags will show up in a new 'Items' tab, which is available in Find my app along with Apple devices. With Air-Tags, the app will be a one-stop solution to find anything that went missing. For instance, Air-Tags like lost iPad or iPhones will automatically be shown on the map, with an address listed about the current item location.

Expected Facets of Apple Air-Tags

The tech giant's offering hints to be robust than those available now in the market. A reliable tipster unveiled the Air-Tag's render, showing the complete design of the product. The render reveals a small white disc-shaped device without a logo on the front. However, its rear promotes a polished metal back with Apple's logo. A tipster also states that the Air-Tags will measure 32mm x 32mm x 6mm, & this will be the only available size.

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The firm is supposed to sell a leather carry case for the same, allowing the device to tag with almost everything people want. The device is reportedly codenamed - B389 & expected to make use of a U1 Ultra-Wideband sensor. This sensor has 1st featured in iPhone 11 series & then borrowed by the latest iPhone 12 series. With this sensor, Air-Tags will have a better range & more precise location tracking than its competitors.

These Ultra-Wideband-equipped devices can constantly keep pushing signals even when it not connected to the network. The nearest iOS device will receive these signals & the missing device locations are hence forwarded. In terms of object tracking, the device provides accurate information. The device will notify you whenever the object gets too far from you not to lose it. Moreover, if you have placed the attached item in a safe spot, you will not get any notification until its position is moved.

Air-Tags will also be able to ring with a tap of a button on your smartphone. The Find my app will have an AR facet that permits iPhones to identify objects by scanning a room. A red floating balloon will appear where you are looking for the missing thing to help people with accurate location.





Image Source: Appleinsider