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Apple Launches iOS 15.0.2 with Security and Bug Fixes

Published Thu, Oct 14 2021 10:16 am
by The Silicon Trend


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Apple Launches iOS 15.0.2 with Security and Bug Fixes

On Monday, the US multinational tech company - Apple launched iOS 15.0.2 and iPadOS 15.0.2, fixing some remaining security and bug issues. As a result, iPhones that run iOS 14 can run iOS 15, an excellent achievement for devices launched in the past 6 years. In the case of iPads, the devices that can run iPadOS 15.0.2 are iPad Air from iPad Air2, iPad Pro, iPad mini4, and 5th Gen iPad onwards.



Update Features 

The iOS 15.0.2 is bringing in some fixes for some frustrating issues iPhone users face. The most annoying flaw was that the library saved pictures from Messages deleted after the associated thread or message was removed. In addition, CarPlay, a safer and smarter way to use your iPhone while you drive, has been tentative for some people, with audio apps disconnecting during playback or not opening, so this fix will be a good choice for those affected.

If the users have a Leather Wallet with MagSafe, the new-flanged series with access to 'Find My' had few connection errors that will be fixed by the new update, followed by the disappearance of AirTag in the Find My Items tab will also be sorted. Lastly, the 15.0.2 will fix - iPhone update or restoration that fails when using iTunes or Finder in 13 series.



Patch For Security Issues

Apple has cited an unknown researcher who tipped the firm about the security issue, where it was under attack from people who know how to exploit it. It is CVE-2021-3883 that allows an attacker to hack the IOMobileFrameBuffer that could control your device and steal data. To avoid this, the company has launched an update, and it is good if the iPhone users apply this update soon enough to prevent further hacking.

Now let's see from where can this latest update be received. For that, you have to go to the settings app on iPhone, choose General, and then Software Update. Once you have downloaded and installed it, 15.0.2 starts running.



iOS 15 Update

The iOS 15.0.1 was launched on September 20, in which FaceTime was the most extensive one among the updates. In addition, the device's Messages has been redesigned to allow the sharing of things such as music tracks more easily. The premium services iPhone users get via iCloud are:

  • iCloud+ Private Relay: Internet privacy service that can be securely linked to many networks.
  • HomeKit Secure Video Recording: allows you to connect to unlimited security cameras, and its video footage doesn't count towards iCloud storage.
  • Focus: do not disturb to a whole new level, allowing us to choose locations, times, and more for notifications to come through.
  • Weather: updated with more realistic backgrounds and specifications of next-hour precipitation, a Dark Sky feature.
  • Safari: redesigned by placing an address bar at the bottom. In search of tab bar simplicity, this feature has it at the bottom, where you can scroll to and fro with your thumb.
  • Siri: with the update, it can process speech on the device and has become more private.
  • Hide My Email: Apple creates a random mail address so that you don't have to unveil your real mail ID in a web form, and it will be forwarded to your inbox.
  • Custom email domain: if you're controlling a domain, once you've configured iCloud as your domain's mail address, you can set-up to 3 personal aliases.
  • Live Text: if you copy a text or dial a phone number, the Text can be translated into different languages such as Spanish, Chinese, Italian, etc.




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