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Apple lists Products That Pose Peril to Pacemakers

Published Tue, Jun 29 2021 15:02 pm
by The Silicon Trend



Tech giant - Apple listed products that must be kept at a safe distance from medical devices like implanted defibrillators & pacemakers. The list includes Apple Watch, MacBook Pro & iPhone 12 series. Several consumer e-devices contain components like magnets that can interfere with medical devices. Some Apple Watches take an electrocardiogram test that records the strength & timing of the electrical signals that makes heart-beat.

The company stated the listed products should be kept more than 15cm away from medical devices, double that if they are wirelessly charging. Several creators, for example, Huawei & Samsung, have issued similar guidance for a few of its products. In general, a magnet can alter a pacemaker's timing or deactivate a defibrillator's life-saving functions & studies indicate everyone's urgency to be aware that e-devices with magnets can interfere with cardiac implantable e-devices.




Pacemaker Scientist

A computer security consultant for Mnemonic - Marie Moe, who studies pacemaker tech, told the BBC she was not worried. These Apple devices generally don't emit large magnetic fields, unlike massive machinery, huge concert speakers, or wielding equipment that anyone with a pacemaker should be more concerned about getting nearby. 

Ms. Moe added that magnet strengths found in the iPhone 12 could only cause the pacemaker to switch into a safety mode where the pacing is constant, but it would return back once the device is removed. Senior cardiac nurse at the British Heart Foundation - Jo Whitmore said, "It's perfectly OK to use a smartphone when we have a pacemaker, & they are created to revert to normal settings once the magnet is moved away." She added concerned patients should monitor the device instructions or interact with the manufacturer. They could also contact their pacing clinic or doctor.






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