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Apple Pay Might Finally Work on Firefox, Chrome, and Edge in iOS 16

Published Tue, Aug 02 2022 05:28 am
by The Silicon Trend






Apple Pay Might Finally Work on Firefox, Chrome, and Edge in iOS 16

Apple Pay might finally work on Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome in iOS 16. MacRumors contributor - Steve Moser identified that Apple Pay is compatible with Chrome and Edge in the iOS 16 Beta 4 and shared his findings on Twitter. His screenshots exhibit a 'Continue with Apple Pay' option on Apple's checkout page when leveraging Edge. Unfortunately, Apple Pay only works in Safari on iOS 15 and older, preventing you from leveraging another browser if you want to pay with Apple Pay during online shopping.


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Apple Pay is not Available on Latest macOS Beta

Though Moser doesn't mention Firefox, other users identified Apple Pay works with the browser before the release of iOS 16 Beta 4. A Reddit post this month shows an option to pay with Apple Pay in iOS 16 Beta 2 while leveraging Firefox. Another user on iOS 16 Beta 3 says they have a choice to pay with Apple Pay on Firefox. Hence, it's unclear when the company started expanding support for Apple Pay and to which browsers.


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However, Apple Pay isn't still available in the latest macOS Beta. Moser adds that this is likely due to Firefox, Chrome, and Edge using Safari's rendering engine, WebKit, on iOS because of Apple's demands. Third-party browsers are free to leverage their engines on MacOS; hence we may not see Apple Pay support outside Safari on macOS anytime soon.

But Apple's change of view on iOS might be based on the EU's plans to crack down on big tech's anticompetitive techniques.


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Apple's Grip on iOS Browser Engines Rejected Under EU Latest Draft Rules

According to The Register, published article on April 2022, Europe's Digital Markets Act nearly finalized rules to tame the internet's shields that contain language squarely focused on ending Apple's iOS browser limitations. The Register received a copy of unpublished modifications in the legislation act, and among the several changes to the draft deal is the explicit recognition of web browser engines as a service that must be safeguarded from anticompetitive safe guarder-imposed restrictions.

Apple needs that competing mobile browser distributed via the iOS App Store using its WebKit rendering engine based on the Safari browser. The outcome is that Edge, Firefox, and Chrome on iOS are, more or less, Safari. That demand has been sore for years among top rivals such as Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla. They couldn't compete on iOS via product differentiation as their mobile browsers had to depend on WebKit than their competing engines.

Apple's browser engine demand has vexed web creators, who have been restricted to leveraging only the web APIs executed in WebKit for their applications. Several expect this obstacle to drive creators toward native iOS app development, which Apple controls.


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