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Blockchain Tech Can Regain People's Trust Towards AI

Published Thu, Dec 23 2021 08:19 am
by The Silicon Trend



Blockchain Tech Can Regain People's Trust Towards AI

AI is an immersive technology where machines and information systems explain a form of intelligence that prompts humans' natural intelligence in interaction with the surrounding. Technology contributes vastly to making our life better. However, various questions arise regarding AI reliability and trustworthiness. Thanks to blockchain systems, the trust in AI-based platforms increases.



Blockchain and AI Features

Various blockchain sides have to be explored as world tech adoption will rapidly increase in the future. Some of the vital features that make it widely popular are:

  • Secured transaction: Once recorded, transactions cannot be changed or modified by anyone, making it highly secure tech.
  • Decentralized system: No central authority to observe the platform. Without any ruling power, transaction authentication and authorization can take place.
  • Distributed Ledgers: the data is shared, recorded, and synchronized in several nodes in a shared system.

Now, let's see the features of AI making it one-of-a-kind are:

  • Adaptive and reactive: AI is highly adaptive via an advanced learning algorithm, making it swiftly understand the tasks. It is also highly reactive to the changing environment, citing procedures and rules based on specific conditions.
  • Automation: It can automate repeated tasks without any human involvement. Thanks to AI, machines can perform tasks that we humans are capable of.



AI Key Challenges

With tech enhancement, trust has been a critical challenge in human-tech connection. People often trusted in advancements as it worked as expected, but the evolvement of AI doesn't remain the same due to the below-mentioned challenges:

  • Privacy: global companies collect a colossal amount of data that would often degrade the privacy of users whose information has been collected.
  • Transparency: one of the critical issues that we see why people trust AI is the lack of transparency. AI creators need to explain the extent of personal data used and the underlying risk and benefits of using the tech.
  • Openness: the tech is developed to be reactive and adaptive to respond to the changing environment. Anyone can apply it for good use or apply it for wicked purposes.



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Blockchain Increases Trust in AI

Blockchain plays a crucial role in enhancing human trust in AI platforms in the following ways:

  • Security and privacy: Data is highly secure as there are no central points that malevolent people can attack. Distributed ledger provides more accountability and transparency of real-time data.
  • Trust enhancement: AI creators face a challenge because users often doubt the tech's move regarding personal data utilization. While no one can access data in blockchain-enabled AI apps. People can license their information to the AI platforms by leveraging blockchain ledger.
  • Data integrity: with client-server design, data is collected and stored in a centralized server, while blockchain-based AI systems - data duplication is eliminated to an extent.