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Blockchain Technology Advancements Elevates Food Safety Protocols

Published Tue, Jan 04 2022 05:40 am
by The Silicon Trend

2022-01-04 11.17.32


Blockchain Technology Advancements Elevates Food Safety Protocols

Blockchain technology is not a new thing in the foodservice sector. Before the Covid-19, people in the industry discussed sustainability, blockchain and digital tech, transparency, traceability, food safety, and its effect on the green revolution. A food safety blockchain allows farmers to interact with customers regarding their products. 

Crowds are interested to know the whereabouts of a product, like where it came from, what condition it was grown in, and when it comes to meat - how the animals are treated. 


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Digital Technology – A Necessity

In the coming years, we will see tech advancements emerging that we thought would take a long time. As pandemics struck the entire world, digital tech was no longer a choice but a necessity. SaaS allows us to connect and leverage cloud-based apps over the internet such as Microsoft Office 365, calendaring, and email. It provides a complete software solution that a cloud service provider can purchase on a pay-as-you-go principle.

In the coming year, a technological trend will save firms money on energy and food waste - wireless monitoring sensors that can control humidity and temperature. The cold chain is responsible for 3 to 3.5% of greenhouse gas emissions from 3 sources - refrigerants, food waste, and electricity.


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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Budget-oriented digital tech connecting purchasers with validated verified sellers will minimize the research time and help the buyers with social and environmental sourcing. SaaS restaurant inspection and assessment apps have become cheaper and more user-friendly, transferring valuable data to supervisors in a short turnaround time. These tech products have been a significant push for the foodservice sector. As the digital world expands, data pipelines will continue to be an important factor in business.

Data integration is the principal strength for several ventures as it permits colossal volumes of data to combine from myriad sources. It can then be extracted at different points to obtain data and conduct analysis. This method is essential as it means ventures can question data that is being processed to a certain point in different approaches without starting from the very beginning.