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Blockchain Technology for Non -Techies 

Published Wed, Oct 21 2020 14:22 pm
by The Silicon Trend


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Blockchain technology for Non -Techies

Working with flexible timing and getting paid more in a job is the most fascinated in this era. Everyone loves to go for it. The recent spur in employing job opportunities in startups has generated by blockchain. That too it's not just for engineers. These companies are actively searching candidates for non-engineering tasks because a supple blockchain developer may not be comfortable with management or a well-versed copywriter.


“About 38% of jobs in the blockchain industry are for non-technical roles in a variety of areas.”But why should you go to the blockchain industry? Let’s dive into the above-mentioned perks in detail.


Advantages of Employees in the blockchain industry

  •  Pays higher comparably 10% extra more than the normal companies offered.
  •  Flexible working hours with less tension and hassle-free.
  •  Better equity liquidity – it is a complex process in normal startups. But in blockchain employees are granted tokens in place of equity. Somewhere it has some restrictions. But still more liquidity than equity.


Most popular Non-techie roles in Blockchain


Important Jobs in Operations 


  1. Design or product
  2. Business
  3. Sales/Marketing
  4. Management
  5. Content writers
  6. public relation experts
  7. digital communication specialist
  8. Talent acquisition experts


There are so many roles or designations in the blockchain which is for non-techies. Depends on your knowledge and talent in blockchain the roles and responsibilities may vary. The positions are given in order based on the talent level in the blockchain.


Skills Expected for Non-Engineers

Most of the startups’ or company roles are standard for these positions. But the employers in the blockchain industry are eager for particular qualities in their ideal candidates. They should be Fast learners, who can figure out things without any instructions and at their own risk. They should be able to do research, understanding, and decipher complex subjects as quickly as possible

Their Understanding of Blockchain is very much required. Apart from the degree, prior knowledge in blockchain and the ability to learn and execute is important Also,  they should be able to speak about complex technology confidently. Blockchain is a Programming prodigy and to truly understand it. General programming ability followed by a passion for open-source and hobby projects is mandatory.  The ability in understanding the whole technical architecture and to connect with other tech employees, clients, and industry experts in general. 


Blockchain employment in India

Non-Technical jobs in the blockchain industry get paid an extra 10% more than their non-blockchain counterparts”

– Based on data from

The Scope of Blockchain in India is considerably growing after this post-demonetization period which focusing on digital India. Nearly 14 states including Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, UP, etc are implemented with blockchain technology,  Where Blockchain pilots and projects are in the run. But the demand for Blockchain developers and project managers is very high. 

On the Whole, non-technical jobs in blockchain will have high demand because of its perks, and the work will be highly challenging. Being updated in a particular subject is very much essential to upgrade ourselves. There are more institutions and webinars to teach and guide to get jobs in the Blockchain. Enroll yourselves to choose better careers in Blockchain irrespective of your Degree standard, as your knowledge is a concern.