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Brazil Fines $2M for No Charger with iPhone 12 Series

Published Mon, Mar 22 2021 10:13 am
by The Silicon Trend

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The Brazilian consumer protection agency, Procon-SP, has amerced Apple $2 Million for not including chargers with the novel iPhone 12 series, inculpating the tech firm of engaging in deceptive ad & marketing a device without chargers & on unjust terms. Apple promulgated in October that the iPhone 12 series will not come with chargers or earbuds due to environmental concerns.

The firm stated, it will be able to lessen carbon emissions by not making these products. According to Lisa Jackson, Apple's Vice President, people are replacing power accessory with wireless powering methods. Including USB-C to lighting cable with 12 series & other novel models to reduce raw materials & the phone box's size. Denigrators propounded the change had more to do, permitting the firm to lower shipping rates & environmental analysts stated the effect on the environment would likely be lessened.



The regulators questioned if the firm will reduce the rate of new iPhone products if chargers are not included, but Apple remained silent. Procon-SP executive director - Fernando Capez states, "Apple needs to acknowledge that there are stable consumer protection rules & institutions in Brazil. The firm must follow & respect the rules & institutions in the country."

The firm has yet to respond on Procon-SP charges. While the 12 series rates $729 in the US & Brazil, it is around $1,200. The iPhone 12 model was launched in October & publicized that the device will only have a charging cable without a power adapter & earbuds in the box. Tech giant quoted that their decision's environmental influence will lead to a minimization of 2 million metric tonnes of Carbon, which is similar to the removal of 450,000 cars in one year.

The fine does not seem like it would be hampering for the firm, which had $111.4bn in revenue in the first quarter of 2021.







Image Source: Apple