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Brazil Might Make USB-C Chargers Compulsory for iPhones

Published Wed, Jun 29 2022 12:36 pm
by The Silicon Trend


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Telecoms regulator Anatel, Brazil has released a public consultation on a proposal to make USB-C chargers compulsory for all smartphones sold in the country. It's the latest instance of regulators and policymakers turning to USB-C as a common charging standard for phones. The EU passed a law earlier this month, making USB-C compulsory for a range of gadgets by the end of 2024, and in the US, some Democrat politicians are pushing for similar legislation.


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Anatel, in a blog post, added that aware of the said movements in the international market, Anatel's technical area evaluated the subject and similarly presented a deal for application in the Brazilian market. 

USB-C has become the default charging standard for new Android phones; such rules will significantly impact Apple, which still leverages its proprietary Lightning standard for the iPhone. It's been a long gossip that the organization is testing USB-C iPhones. Though, it's already adopted this norm for many laptops and tablets.

In documents supporting the public consultation, Anatel said the benefits of creating USB-C compulsory were primarily minimizing electronic waste and increasing user convenience. Demerits include higher costs to strengthen the policy and the possibility that the regulation will discourage organizations from creating new, better standards.


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