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Disappear from WhatsApp Without Uninstalling the App

Published Thu, Jul 21 2022 08:11 am
by The Silicon Trend






Disappear from WhatsApp Without Uninstalling the App

WhatsApp is one of India's most famous messaging apps, claiming that billions of messages are exchanged daily. However, there are times when you don't feel like using the app and want to cease receiving messages on it for a short period. The biggest problem is that you can't just silence the notifications or get rid of the app without uninstalling WhatsApp.

So, if your mobile data or Wi-Fi is on, you'll receive messages on WhatsApp. It doesn't matter if you keep the app closed or turn off background data; you'll still get notifications. There's no point in turning off the read recipient as the app won't stop sending messages.

When you open WhatsApp, the app will show you're online, and you don't have a choice but to hide that. However, if you're a core user and don't want to use it for a short period, there's a way to disappear and not receive messages without uninstalling the app.


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How to Disappear without WhatsApp Uninstalling


Capture whatsapp



Step1: Long press on WhatsApp and tap on the 'App Info' icon.

Step2: You'll see a 'Force Stop' option on the top; all you need is to tap on it.

Step3: Close the app running in the background. Once done, you'll stop receiving messages on it.

Remember, when you open WhatsApp, it'll start to work and receive messages.


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