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DJI Introduced RoboMaster Tello Talent Drone

Published Mon, May 24 2021 17:23 pm
by The Silicon Trend


Over the past few years, we have seen a rise of a novel, interactive approach to educating kids of all ages on the basics of coding. Whether it be Kano's interactive toys, Apple's Swift Playgrounds, or Sphero's programmable robots, there is a whole host of educational tech out there. DJI - the firm that made its name in consumer drones has dabbled in educational gadgets & the latest to hit the market is the DJI’s drone - RoboMaster Tello Talent (TT).

The RoboMaster TT provides more powerful facets than its predecessor, the RoboMaster Tello EDU - also featuring an additional functionality, which is missing in the Tello EDU. A novel extension board & more incredible AI applications create a compelling educational device, stated GizmoChina.

The innovation from the past model is a hybrid of software & hardware enhancements, including stability, an exclusive curriculum, a more user-centric interface & graphics focused on student development at all levels. There is an open-source computing chip & novel swarming software, states the report.

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RoboMaster TT Drone Facets

It is developed on its predecessor - the Tello EDU, by adding a novel extension board that enables more AI applications. The novel hardware includes programmable 256 colors LED light, an open-source ESP32 processor, a time of flight (ToF) sensor & a dot matrix screen. There is also a novel swarming facet for when you have multiple Tello Talent drones. The novel ESP32 board provides support for MicroPython & Arduino coding platforms & also supports Scratch offline coding.

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Students can write customized code to modify the flash & color frequency of the LED light or make animations & shapes like scrolling letters on the two-tone dot matrix screen. The infrared ToF sensor offers distance detection up to 1.2m enabling environmental detection & fundamental obstacle avoidance. With multiple drones, there's the potential to program a swarm of drones to fly in customized formations & maneuvers using Python, Scratch, or Swift using dedicated swarm software. It has a range of 100 meters & maximum altitude of 30m which is perfect for indoor use in huge open rooms - school halls.





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