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Elon Musk, EV Pioneer Said, We Need More Oil and Gas

Published Mon, Mar 07 2022 10:28 am
by The Silicon Trend

Elon Musk


Elon Musk's Company Now Need More Oil and Gas

More Sustainable Future

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and its Solar firm, has reached a market capitalization of $1Tr and delivered around 1Mn EVs in 2021. It is now in favour of expanding oil and gas production. On Friday, he took it to Twitter, stating an immediate solution of increasing oil and gas output. In a later tweet, he added, though it would impact Tesla, sustainable energy simply can't react quickly to make up for Russian gas and oil exports.


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Musk probably refers to the world's dependence on Russian oil and gas, which hadn't ceased enough govts from sanctioning Russia following its Ukraine invasion but has ignited fears over the increasing cost of energy, especially in Europe.

In 2021, The Verge reported how SpaceX hopes on drilling natural gas on land near its Starship plants in Texas. Musk said he is not in favor of ceasing the gas and oil industry, but we need burning fossil fuels for an extended period. The question is, at what rate can our world move to a more sustainable future.


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Starlink Won't Block Russian News Sources

Elon Musk's Starlink satellite internet connection is the only communication method actively working in the country in the present war scenario. The satellite service being the superior non-Russian communication service, Musk has warned the users of being targeted. He has eliminated the potential of blocking Russian news sources that operate on his satellite on a free speech basis.

Musk tweeted other than Ukraine, a few govts have asked the company to block Russian news sources, which the company will not be doing unless at gunpoint. This tweet comes after Musk's warning that the source users in Ukraine are at risk of being targeted.

Musk has provided Starlink internet connectivity during the present crisis of the country, an internet blackout. His efforts were greatly appreciated by several across the globe, though few were skeptical about the connectivity effectiveness. During the war-struck situation, the company has launched 50 satellites to help assist the connectivity. These were sent abroad a Falcon 9 rocket and are leveraging their own thrusters to transform into operational orbits. At an altitude of 340 miles, the company does have around 2K satellites orbiting around our planet.