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Epic Games 'Fortnite' No Longer Available in Apple App Store

Published Sat, Sep 25 2021 04:26 am
by The Silicon Trend

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Epic Games 'Fortnite' No Longer Available in Apple App Store

As the Epic Games Vs. Apple lawsuit continues, a series of emails were published on Twitter by Epic Games CEO - Tim Sweeney states the blacklisting of their app 'Fortnite' by the US multinational tech company - Apple on their app store till the legal battle comes to an end. For new users, the popular app can't be installed on any Apple devices, while those who have already downloaded would be able to leverage the app, but further updates won't be received.


Epic Games Vs. Apple 

The 2 firms have been trapped in a never-ending battle saga since August 2020, when Epic Games accused Apple of running its app store as a monopoly. Then, in September, a US court's ruling knocked down the central part of the app store's rules that banned creators from informing users about other direct payments to creators than leveraging their pay schemes.

Even though the ruling was known to be a partial victory for Epic, the judge mentioned the firm's failure in explaining Apple's operation as an illegal monopoly. According to Apple's comment to Epic, "Epic committed an intentional breach of contract, and breach of trust, by concealing code from Apple and making related misrepresentations and omissions."


'Apple Lied' - Tim Sweeney

The emails released on Wednesday pinpoints a slight chance of numerous Epic Games app to Apple's store and states that American firm will not reinstate Epic's creator account until everything is resolved. Sweeney accused Apple denial of the disloyalty of its earlier oath of restoring Epic Games once it followed the app store policies. 

Sweeney tweeted that Apple lied as they told the press and court about accepting Epic's return if the firm had agreed to act according to the same rules as others. Even though the firm has decided to do so, Apple has broken the promise in another monopoly power abuse. Epic Games were ordered to pay $6Mn to Apple, a 30% revenue cut-off obtained from the game app using its illicit payment option. The firm had paid the amount earlier this month.


Epic Can't Re-release Fortnite

Epic Vs. Apple is still unstable as Epic publicized its view to engage the ruling portion is lost, although the higher court has not agreed on hearing. In South Korea, the decision arises to scuttle the gamer firm's attempt to return Fortnite to the country's iOS app store, which passed the policies requiring other payment support options, leaving Fortnite's future elsewhere.

Recently, Epic had update Fortnite's old copies on iOS to eradicate V-Bucks purchase methods. Still, the gamer firm can't re-release the game in any nation without an active creator account.




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