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Epic Games Released Next-Generation Game Engine - Unreal Engine 5

Published Thu, Apr 07 2022 14:01 pm
by The Silicon Trend






Epic Games Released Next-Generation Game Engine - Unreal Engine 5

Nearly 2 years after the announcement of the next-generation game engine, the US video game and software developer - Epic Games has released Unreal Engine 5, which is now available for download. 


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Updated Enhancement for Developers

The updated engine features several enhancements for developers, including improved performance and an upgraded UI. However, the most drastic transformations came from a handful of techs created for more photorealistic visuals, including Lumen and Nanite. In addition, there are several practical tools, such as the potential to partition off sections for teams to work on areas independently.

Since this is the first time the engine is widely available for game creators, some major UE5 projects have already been launched to the public through Epic.


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Release of The Matrix Awakens

In December 2020, Fortnite moved over to UE5, and at the same time, the company released The Matrix Awakens. This innovative tech demo integrated the likenesses of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss with a big open world populated by the creator's Metahuman characters.

As part of the UE5 launch, Epic is also creating a sample of The Matrix Awakens' city, sans the Hollywood stars, available for the game creators to build off. In addition, the company is also launching a sample multiplayer shooter - Lyra, built in UE5


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