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Ethereum Creator Throws Cold Water on Facebook's Web3 Visions

Published Thu, Aug 04 2022 13:54 pm
by The Silicon Trend


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Ethereum Creator Throws Cold Water on Facebook's Web3 Visions

Many investors suspected that Facebook, now Meta's CEO - Mark Zuckerberg's vision of the Metaverse- would fail, prompting Meta stock to more than half over the past six months. Instead, the creator of the Ethereum blockchain - Vitalik Buterin, said Zuckerberg and Meta are leaping at the gun with investments running in the billion dollars to develop products that might never find a market. 


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He posted on Saturday that it's far too early to understand what one needs; hence anything Facebook develops now will misfire. But, as Buterin has good reason to want it to succeed than fail, the two crypto coins bearing his sign, ETC and then ETH, are expected to ease all trades in the mixed-reality Metaverse and its decentralized financial system called Web3.

With a steep decline in earnings from its core businesses of Instagram and Facebook, quarterly profitability fell to over 29% from 43% in the earlier period.


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Facebook's Web2 Becomes Meta's Web3

This has sudden concerns that the group's two crucial cash cows can no longer compete with Chinese app TikTok and are now entering a reign of managed decline. Meta shares fell 54% since the beginning of this year versus just a 20% drop in the more comprehensive tech-massive Nasdaq Composite index. However, Zuckerberg on Wednesday told investors that given the company's specific product and business restrictions, he feels even more confident in developing these platforms that unlock hundreds of billions of dollars and trillions over time.

While the company expects third-quarter revenue at Reality labs to decline substantially over Quest2, Zuckerberg reaffirmed he was confident it would prove to be a big chance for the firm well worth the expense.

Zuckerberg and Buterin might be right on the Metaverse in several ways. First, it might end up being a cornerstone of future social interaction, but it might not be Meta reaping the rewards.


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