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EV Battery Recycling Intended to be More Critical for EVs

Published Tue, Feb 22 2022 05:49 am
by The Silicon Trend



EV Battery Recycling Intended to be More Critical for EVs

Carbon Emission Reduction

As the automotive market expands, a new North American EV battery recycling industry is emerging. It targets cleaning up the battery venture and assisting electric vehicles to minimize carbon emissions. According to Toronto-located Li-Cycle Holding Corp's chairman - Tim Johnston, there is no difference in the material the company generates and what the mining sector produces. It's all about the recovery capacity from that battery during its period.


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An EV must view tens of thousands of driving miles to balance carbon emissions during battery mining and manufacturing. Battery recycling will help enhance the overall reduction of carbon values of EVs. Li-Cycle has 2 operating plants – NY state and Kingston, Ontario, capable of breaking down 5K tons of lithium-ion batteries in a year. 


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Mining and Recycling

According to Johnston, a steep hike in mining over the coming years will be crucial to obtain enough battery materials into circulation. However, the sector must turn to a sustainable recycling operation once that happens. By 2030, the company estimates new EV batteries will have 10-20% recycled materials. 

With the global adoption of EVs still years away, end-of-life battery material is estimated to remain in short supply through the 2030s. Unlike other recycling start-ups, Li-Cycle is operating on aggressive expansion. It plans to use a licensed model to team up with organizations with existing recycling networks but lacks the potential tech for the battery process.