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Facebook Changes into Meta

Published Sat, Oct 30 2021 06:24 am
by The Silicon Trend




Part of Major Rebrand: Facebook Changes into Meta

An American multinational tech company formerly known as Facebook Inc. has changed its name to Meta Platforms, Inc., as a significant rebrand. The change is applied only to its parent firm and not to its other-owned platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.


Criticism Following Name Change

Based on the document publicized by the ex-worker of the company - Frances Haugen, the move followed numerous criticisms and hate stories. She accused the firm of prioritizing profits over people's safety. In 2015, another tech giant - Google LLC, transformed its firm calling its parent company - Alphabet; however, the name didn't catch up with the trend. 

Mark Zuckerberg publicized the new name by revealing the plan to develop Metaverse, the latest hot topic revolving around the internet. He added that the current brand couldn't deliver everything that the company is doing. Hence, they need to change. However, over time, Facebook hopes to be seen as a metaverse firm.


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Leaked Report

Based on the internal leakage of documents by ex-worker, reports have claimed that tech giant-owned platform Instagram harmed the mental health of teenagers and struggled to eradicate hate speech from its platforms outside America. According to the North American tech reporter - James Clayton, Facebook is trying to deviate attention from the hate comments lingering around the firm. However, critics believe that it chose such an option because the brand turned out to be toxic.

Another factor highlighted by the reporter is that Metaverse has not come out to the world, but Zuckerberg stresses it as a long-term service. Clayton said it is clear that Mr. Zuckerberg's passion lies in developing a virtual world that he thinks would change people's experiences forever.


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Future of Internet

The firm headquartered in California revealed a new sign replacing the 'like' logo with an infinity blue shape. Mr. Zuckerberg said the word meta was taken from a Greek word that meant beyond, and for an outsider, our developing platform might look like a virtual reality version. But for some, it could be the internet's future. This VR platform can literally be used for concerts, work, play, or socializing with people.