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Facebook Executives Show Offs VR Models with New Images

Published Fri, Oct 15 2021 07:21 am
by The Silicon Trend





Facebook Executives Show Offs VR Models with New Images

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of US multinational tech firm - Facebook, and its virtual reality lead, Andrew Bosworth, teases VR model hardware by posting pictures of them wearing the VR headsets and linking to the firm's work on the metaverse. Facebook Reality Labs researcher - Douglas Lanman tweeted, "I'm excited to see this preview of another headset prototype from the Display Systems Research team at FRL-R Redmond."



Retina Resolution Model

It is not sure whether the headset they are wearing to be an actual retail product, but it's fun to know what is happening inside the lab. We could see the VR headset wore by the company's CEO looks similar to Facebook's Oculus headsets, though he mentioned it as a retina resolution model. However, the headset Bosworth was wearing had more of a fascinating feature, with its design being similar to the details and sketches of Apple's rumored VR headset. 

The rumored headset has dual 8K displays with eye-tracking tech. It offers both VR and mixed reality applications due to dozens of cameras for hand movement tracking followed by LIDAR sensors. However, other than Zuckerberg's comment on the headset being retina resolution, no specific details on its type and potential are revealed.



Futuristic Tech to Next Level

Zuckerberg tweeted about the day he spent with the company's lab research team in Redmond, displaying the futuristic AI, VR, and AR techs. He even added this new-flanged prototype's future is going to be on the next level.  Facebook has launched a pair of screen-less, smart Ray-Bans, a path towards full AR glasses.

The company's VR lab also makes fun of other models that might not make it to markets, such as research-focused Aria AR glasses, eye-projection VR headset, and proof-of-concept VR headset.  Zuckerberg and Bosworth will be selling their metaverses concept, which Facebook says is a virtual world that might be the internet's next version.




Image Source: Facebook