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Facebook, Microsoft are Building the Metaverse

Published Thu, Aug 05 2021 16:57 pm
by The Silicon Trend


A novel - Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson is based on a pizza delivery boy by day & a VR superhero by night, living in an online universe - The Metaverse. Back in 1992, the Metaverse was considered to knock off the cyberspace concept by William Gibson. Metaverse was applied to VR, Fortnite, Minecraft, AR & Roblox for the past few years. 

The tech giant - Facebook has developed a whole metaverse group in its VR/AR-based Reality Labs. Microsoft is looking for an enterprise Metaverse. Metaverse is hugely about future social things. It's a massively multiplayer space with a world, avatars & creative tools. Facebook's upcoming avatar-focused app - Horizon, will work on VR, but the tech firm intends it to work in AR as well & regularly on phones & laptops. 

Virtual Reality is not very social as most users don't have VR headsets; hence firms are having a hard time identifying tools that loop all other device experiences with AR & VR ecosystems.

Not Everyone Being a Part of AR/VR

Tech companies realize that not everyone will adopt AR glasses or VR headsets, just like wearing iPods or smartwatches or playing Nintendo Switch. So Microsoft's target is for AR to work on phones in addition to the HoloLens. Tech giant - Apple aims for AR to work on iPads & iPhones. Facebook combines Oculus with the rest of its non-VR apps. 

The cross-networking of virtual objects is a lot of what looks like a Metaverse target. Most Metaverse approaches focus on being around no matter what kind of system we choose.





Finding Solution for Remote Work & Telepresence

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality explains few chances of teleporting people together. Still, it loses a few of its natural camera-connected vibe that FaceTime, Zoom & other video calling apps already have. Facebook CEO - Mark Zuckerberg said the company's Metaverse goal is to bring people together for work. Similar to Facebook, Microsoft & other software developers like Spatial share the same idea.

So far, no one has found any solutions that can truly work for everyone, but as we hear firms attempting for a workplace Metaverse, we know they are in a stage of figuring it out.

Metaverse Digitizing Our Stay Away from Home

For a very long time, tech giants are trying to find a solution for home base online. Social media platforms re-invented the logic as profile pages, text streams, a handle & a photo library. However, several tech firms are trying for a more ambitious online experience. It starts to matter if there really exists some kind of meeting space or virtual office, where people can join together & share everyday things. 

At present, meetings are swift & efficient Zooms, or just share documents with each other & collaborate a bit. Spatial apps are trying to be a place for get-togethers & work, but no one has agreed on the term yet.