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Facebook's New Ways of Giving More Control to Users in News Feeds

Published Sun, Nov 21 2021 05:48 am
by The Silicon Trend



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Facebook's New Ways of Giving More Control to Users in News Feeds


News Feed Customization

The US multinational tech firm - Meta Platform Inc., formerly known as Facebook, revealed testing new ways for people and brands, allowing them to customize their preferences to minimize or maximize the content amount in their News Feeds. In addition, the platform publicized its partnership with 3rd-party partners to create a tool for Feed.

The platform makes the control easier to access, including Snooze, Reconnect, Favorites, and Unfollow. It's testing to begin on a small percent around the globe and gradually expand in the coming weeks. 



Business Purpose

For business purposes, the Meta platform is now expanding the Topic Exclusion control to specific amounts of advertisers, allowing them to choose a topic to explain how the ads pop up on the forum. When promoters select one or more subjects, the ads might not be seen by the people engaging with those topics in their Feeds.

The company added that this might not solve all the advertiser's requirements but can be seen as a bridge between what the firm can offer now and the future with content-based controls. Moreover, Facebook is currently testing a content-based control that focuses on advertiser concerns regarding ads appearing on Instagram and Facebook feeds.



Tweaked News Feed

The platform has adjusted its News Feed content several times to prioritize specific feeds. In 2015, News Feeds were changed to satisfy close friend content over publishers and brands. But by next year, Facebook mentioned the algorithm modification to prioritize friend's posts over publishers. So, to favor the quality news source, last year, the News Feed was modified again.

Meta firm mentioned its plan to partner with a 3rd-party brand safety collaborator to create a way to verify whether the ad content close to an ad in the Feeds sync with a brand's suitable choices.