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Future Apple Watch Could Monitor Alcohol Level, Blood Pressure Beside Sugar Level 

Published Mon, May 03 2021 16:45 pm
by The Silicon Trend

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In February, earlier this year, a patent was filed with the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) titled - Terahertz Spectroscopy & Imaging in Dynamic Environments with Performance Enhancements using Ambient Sensors. This patent application specifies that the tech giant Apple might be working on the measurement of blood sugar &, as a result, could bring the glucose level monitoring on Apple's future watch.

Now, the patent has got some credibility as UK health tech company - Rockley Photonics confirmed that Apple has been its significant customer for the past 2 years & it is focusing on tracking blood glucose levels. As reported by Forbes & The Telegraph, the healthcare company verified the tech giant as its largest customer in a recent SEC declaration. This means that the iPhone manufacturer is doing more remarkable than just submitting licenses for this tech as well & might actually bring this to its iDevices, which is most likely to be the Apple Watch.

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The Cupertino tech giant has a SpO2 & heart-rate monitor in its watches. Besides measuring blood glucose levels, Rockley's focus is also on tracking BP & alcohol levels. This adds to the speculations that these 2 facets could also come to Apple Watch in the future. Measuring BP could also lead to tracking of stress & monitor the intake of alcohol. However, the feasibility & maintaining the price in check will also be essential for the company. In contrast, Apple last year bifurcated its Watch hierarchy immensely into 2 series - Watch SE & Watch 6; we could see a premium one with all these facets soon & with fundamental ones as a part of the SE line-up. Several industries have an interest in developing wearable blood sugar sensors. If Apple could build the tech into the mainstream product, watch it and offer a cutting-edge advantage.




Image source:, Unsplash