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Google Cloud Adds 2nd Cloud Region in Delhi NCR

Published Fri, Jul 16 2021 18:30 pm
by The Silicon Trend


Google Cloud released its new cloud region in Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) on Thursday to serve its users in Asia-Pacific & India. This unique region is the 2nd such after Mumbai, India & 10th in Asia-Pacific. This stems from the massive demand growth for building capacity, low latency & disaster recovery solutions. The Delhi-NCR has joined the current 25 Google Cloud regions across Europe, the US & Asia-Pacific connected through Google's Network.

Customers are expected to benefit from enhancing business continuity planning while maintaining data sovereignty. Global Cloud computing firms are increasingly expanding their footprints in India to work on the digital transformation wave hyped during the pandemic. In 2020, Amazon Web Services (AWS) said it will invest $2.77Bn to set up a 2nd cloud region in Hyderabad by mid-2022 to serve its growing user base in India.  

Designed for high availability, the region opens with 3 availability zones to safeguard against service disruptions & provides a portfolio of vital products, including Google Kubernetes Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud Spanner, App Engine, BigQuery & Cloud Bigtable. Additionally, the cloud region is focused on aiding firms in regulated sectors with top needs for disaster recovery solutions. 




The firm stated, "People will have the potential to establish private connections through interconnecting to use the cloud region with existing partners." The managing director of Google Cloud India - Bikram Singh Bedi, stated that it focuses on helping the Indian businesses accelerate their digital transformation, deepening commitment to India's economic & digitization recovery...The Google Cloud region will aid customers to adopt new needs, opportunities & working methods.

HDFC Bank said it is investing in tech platforms to both builds & run the bank. Ramesh Lakshminarayanan, HDFC's chief information officer said, the Google Cloud region will enable the bank to improve its resiliency & aid in building an active design framework for new-generation cloud apps. Mobile ad firm - InMobi Group said that it sees an opportunity to continue closing the gap between products & consumers with the arrival of this region.

Mohit Saxena, Co-founder of InMobi, stated, can't wait to continue offering users meaningful experiences that are scale, swift & relevant by expanding the use of current working tools on Google Cloud with the opening of a new region.







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