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Google Developing New Feature to Curate Big News

Published Sun, Oct 10 2021 06:22 am
by The Silicon Trend



Google Developing New Feature to Curate Big News

Why 'Big Moments'?

Curating data about big news is often found to be tough by the news editor. Recently, Google's search organization team, led by the firm's veteran - Elizabeth Reid, has been developing a new feature - Big Moments to highlight crucial data about breaking news events. This feature has been under development for a year and targets addressing the shortcomings with news curation.


The Focus of Google's Search Feature

Partly relying on ML, Big Moments will focus on offering more context about breaking events and may go ahead with certain news article types and Google tweets showing in its search engine with the most authoritative facts. For instance, if the story is about a natural disaster, Big Moments may list the counts of injuries and deaths and the frequency of catastrophe in the area. The multinational firm will take in data for search feature from Data Commons, an open-source data repository. 




Eager for Big Moments Launch

With the development of search features, the American company is moving ahead to make decisions using algorithms for news publications. However, mimicking critical thinking by leveraging ML is quite challenging to maintain an impartial line while covering main events. Google is being criticized for its search result being biased. Hence the feature has to undergo a rigorous examination to curate essential news.

A company's spokesperson said that the feature has been scrutinized in live search results. Though the date and other aspects of the Big Moments launch are not yet revealed, Google plans to put it under thorough test and valuations before launching.





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