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Google Expands its ML-based Flood Forecasting

Published Thu, Nov 11 2021 07:25 am
by The Silicon Trend



Google Expands its ML-based Flood Forecasting

The tech giant - Google began its flood forecasting program in 2018 to combat the flood damage with precise and detailed alerts. The initiative is a part of Google's broader Crisis Response, where the team has partnered with the emergency and front-line workforces to create programs and tech that keeps people safe and informed.

Expanding Forecast Reach

In the first 3 years, the company expanded the forecasting reach by partnering with the Bangladesh Water Development Board and Indian Central Water Commission, covering an area of over 220Mn people and sending 40Mn life-saving alerts. Last year, the operating system expanded further, covering an area with about 360Mn people. In addition, their flood alerts show inundation maps, displaying the depth and extent of flooding on the top of Google Maps for easy visualization.

Google Flood Hub

The team has launched the Google Flood Hub to make the flood information more hyper-local, allowing us to zoom into inundation maps and focus on highly-affected areas. In addition, Google has formed an alliance with BDRCS, Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Yuganter, and IRCS to get alerts even for people with internet and smartphones.

Google also added about its expansion to other countries such as South America and South Asia and in future across the globe.