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Google Leverages AI for Business Hours Updating on Google Maps

Published Sat, Apr 16 2022 05:45 am
by The Silicon Trend



Google Leverages AI for Business Hours Updating on Google Maps

Business Hours Updated Only When It Attain High-degree Accuracy

The US multinational tech organization - Google has shared how it leverages artificial intelligence (AI), including its restaurant-calling Duplex technology, to strive and keep business hours on Google Map up-to-date. The organization says that if it's confident in the AI's prediction regarding business hours, it will update the information in Maps.

Google highlights numerous factors it's AI analyzes to identify whether it should do these updates. Firstly, it looks at when the business profile was last updated, other similar shops' hours, and Popular Times data to choose how likely the hours are inaccurate.

Google will take in the account information from the business profiles and even scrape street view images to try and figure out when the business is open. It also checks with actual people, including Google Map users and business runners, to verify the AI's prediction. 

Genevieve Park, a Google spokesperson, said Google will only publish business hours if it has high confidence that it's accurate. If the AI thinks the hours be inaccurate but doesn't have enough proof, it adds a notice that the hours may've changed.


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AI in Google Maps to Update Speed Limits

Google also says it's starting another use of AI in Google Maps to keep speed limits up-to-date. In the US, it'll strive to see if its allies have taken images of road stretches that have speed limit signs. It will have AI to help its operations team determine the sign, and the limit posted. 

Google is leveraging AI tech for these problems, and it's interesting to see how several interlocking systems are involved. For example, computer vision, pattern recognition in location trends, and exploring similar location data to keep up with how often the hours change and ensure it knows the speed limit on particular road stretches.


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