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Google MUM Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Published Mon, Oct 04 2021 05:24 am
by The Silicon Trend



Google MUM Guide: Everything You Need to Know

The US multinational tech firm - Google has announced their futuristic AI MUM upgrade in the Google Lens, permitting us to take pictures and ask questions about it. 


MUM Upgrade Announcement

The firm tweeted a casual statement about their latest upgrade to the Lens product and publicized an article on AI and visual search. For example, after analyzing a screenshot or clicking a picture in Lens, when you swipe up - 'visual matches' shows, and soon will be a button 'add question' at the top of the sheet. These related searches let you refine the search.

The common task of Google Lens is: text translations, similar product search, text scanning - phone numbers and event details, identification of animals and plants, and text copying and sending. The product search is vital as it permits online dealers to surf their products in Google Lens.


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MUM Algorithm

The algorithm permits people to conduct detailed searches that can't be answered with conventional search tools. The fascinating point is that input taken by the algorithm is images. Google MUM allows complicated searches across popular languages to present the most helpful answer. This new upgrade is scheduled to launch next year, though a specific date is not yet revealed.


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Fear of MUM Upgrade

The MUM upgrade will be the first popular implementation of the tech and could be leveraged for a more comprehensive application. However, the search engine has been conservative with the performance of MUM and has been clear that any execution of the upgrade will respect the publishers as some of them don't trust Google and fear that MUM might use their data. 

The product doesn't result in a zero-click search - a situation where the search engine displays the user's data without sending traffic. The next-generation upgrade is a piece of welcome news to the e-commerce sector, which can continue surfacing their items in the new Lens search experience.




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