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Google Reveals New Virtual Search Feature in Shopping

Published Sun, Oct 03 2021 06:25 am
by The Silicon Trend


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Google Reveals New Virtual Search Feature in Shopping

The US technological company - Google reveals a new feature on Wednesday that will come to action within months through Google Lens, where people can soon combine text and pictures in search queries, helping the Alphabet Inc. unit expand its role in online video dominance and e-Commerce. Google's senior VP - Prabhakar Raghavan, said this new-flanged feature enables you to find specific items that are difficult to explain with just words by tapping on the Lens icon.


Reverse image searching

Other than just pictures, the feature will also sort within videos such as Google's YouTube. For instance, if your bike is broken and you need some help to fix it but have forgotten its name, thus preventing you from searching. The point-and-ask searching mode makes it seamless to find the exact moment in a video that can assist.

People can also run reverse images searches on the desktop Chrome browser or the iOS Google app. Selecting a picture will find similar online visuals, assisting people in having a streamlined shopping experience on In addition, the tech giant added about its licensing of a free Address Maker app for organizations and Govts to navigate routes and designate addresses to homes and ventures that are not on Google Maps.




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