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Google Reveals the Globe's Biggest Machine Learning Hub

Published Mon, May 16 2022 05:27 am
by The Silicon Trend





Google Reveals the Globe's Biggest Machine Learning Hub

Google I/O 2022, the biggest developer conference, started with a theme speech from Sundar Pichai, the Alphabet's CEO. The speech included the introduction of the Pixel watch, updates on LaMDA and PaLM, AR, and other immersive tech advancements.


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Data Center and ML Hub

Pichai said recently they publicized plans to invest US$9.5Bn in data centers and offices in the US, and of it is in Mayes County, Oklahoma. Moreover, they are launching the globe's biggest publicly available ML hub for Google Cloud customers. Powered by Cloud TPU v4 Pods, the ML cluster empowers developers to create innovations at the AI forefront, allowing them to train sophisticated prototypes to power workloads.

By 2030, Google expects to become one of the first tech giants to work all their data centers and offices 24/7 carbon-free energy.


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Google Tensor

Sundar Pichai said Google Tensor - their personal SOP, will offer AI abilities such as speech recognition to your smartphones. Merged with Android's private computer core, it can execute data-powered features directly on the phone to ensure device security. Tensor chip powers Pixel 6, 6 Pro, and the newly invented Pixel 6a and watch.


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Augmented Reality (AR)

Google is tremendously invested in AR and integrating tech into several Google products, i.e., from Google Lens to multi-search, scene exploration, and Live views in Maps. Alphabet CEO said the happiness that comes with speaking naturally with someone, that moment of interaction to understand and be understood is what their focus on knowledge and computing about.


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Google Wallet

During the latest updates and features talk in Android 13, one of the significant announcements made was the introduction of Google Wallet. It is a one-stop application that can replace your actual wallet in all forms. With swift and safe access to payment cards, ID cards are being shifted to e-cards that can be shared through QR or NFC codes.


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