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Google to Start Auto-deletion of Sensitive Location Visits from User's Location History

Published Sat, Jul 02 2022 13:03 pm
by The Silicon Trend




The US multination organization - Google says it'll automatically delete visits to domestic violence shelters, abortion clinics, weight loss clinics, and other sensitive locations from users' location histories in the coming days. In a Friday blog post, Google adds that the deletion will happen soon after the visit once its systems have determined that a journey has been made to one of the locations. This transformation is happening in the wake of SC's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and the steps several states have immediately made to ban abortions.


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Google's post, entitled "protecting people's privacy on health topics," also states that there is an update coming for Fitbit that will allow you to delete multiple menstruation logs at once if you have been leveraging the health tracking feature

These privacy updates are meant to eradicate selected data from Google's servers that might be leveraged to prosecute people seeking care. However, the organization still stores several other data on your activities. YouTube and Search histories could also be leveraged as proof in probes, and Google's post doesn't explain anything about those.


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While the company must comply with specific government requirements for data, Google reiterates that it'll continue to oppose overly broad or legally objectionable conditions. It also states that it'll alert users when it offers their data to the government unless it's been ordered not to do so or there's a pressing security concern.


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