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How IoT & AI Are Driving Digital Twins in the Supply Chain

Published Wed, Sep 01 2021 15:13 pm
by The Silicon Trend

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IoT & AI Are Driving Digital Twins in the Supply Chain

The hybrid of ML & IoT leads to growth in the leverage of digital twins. As Object Management Group program, the digital twin consortium was introduced in August, which operates on defining standards & taxonomy, enabling simulation & AI tech. In addition, the digital twin in the supply chain permits a comparison between historical & current performance data, wherever the sensor is located.


Digital Twin Consortium

Digital twin tech authorizes us to see what happens due to our decisions before we invest in them without any risks. The best method to control this power is via the partnership enabled by Digital Twin Consortium. Its mission is to drive utilization & development of the tech. A cross-industry ecosystem is created, where standards, policies, architecture & collaborative approach accelerates tech adoption. It aids in enhancing efficiency & interoperability within the product lifecycle. Furthermore, it advances the leverage of tech in several sectors, from aerospace to natural resources.


Manufacturing Assets & Supply Chains Just a Beginning

The supply chain digital twins can encompass things packed in containers, moving through the physical world to the customers & distributors. The manufacturing assets & supply chains are just a start; as this tech becomes simple to understand, so does its deployment. An insight of the asset history & status, the process permits ML tools to perform optimizations, simulation & predict model potentials. The biggest supplier platforms move ahead with tools & services (PaaS) to develop de-facto standards. IBM, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, Predix Platform, GE, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are all creating extensions to their current IoT tools to support digital twin development. 


Warehouse Digital Twin by DHL Supply Chain

DHL supply chain developed its 1st warehouse digital twin for Tetra Pak. The tech is supplied with real-time information regularly from a physical warehouse. The DHL Control Tower tracks the outgoing & incoming items at the warehouse to ensure all items are stored accurately. In addition, the incoming vehicles are outfitted with IoT tech. Intelligent storage developed by Tetra Pak simulates & tracks the individual stock levels & the physical condition, permitting non-stop operation conditions. 


Digital Twin will Safeguard Wind Turbine

GE engineers collaborate with a global supplier of engineering simulation software - Ansys, to develop a digital twin of a wind turbine. Its goal is to increase results & reduce downtime by identifying issues. The virtual sensor can predict with fair accuracy like pressure-temperature by leveraging data from algorithms & sensors. Leveraging algorithms developed on Predix, the engineers can measure the motor temperature at any moment. They can also identify how the moors execute under different strains over time. GE reports 1.2Mn jet engine digital twins, locomotives & gas turbines operating in the field.