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How Machine Learning Enhances Manufacturing Industry

Published Thu, Mar 03 2022 13:09 pm
by The Silicon Trend

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How Machine Learning Enhances Manufacturing Industry


Top Companies Wielding ML

Developed by the MIT Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) program, Machine Intelligence for Manufacturing and Operations (MIMO) is a research program designed to enhance industrial competition by accelerating MI's deployment and understanding. Its objective is to determine the shortest path from data to impact.

According to a Harvard Business Review article, MIMO and McKinsey collaborated for a sweeping 100-company survey to describe how top-notch companies wielded ML terminologies. McKinsey's project covers MIMO's mission of demystifying compelling ML use cases. The survey studied organizations across industry verticals, examining their digital, data analytics, MI tech leverage, objectives, and tracking.


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Biggest Gain with Deep Learning

Companies with the most significant gains from digital tech trends have robust governance, deployment, alliances, MI-trained workforces, and data availability.

To maximize the visual inspection systems, a top-notch biopharmaceutical company - Amgen, uses Deep Learning (DL) image augmentation. It increases particle detection by 70% and minimizes the need for manual inspections.


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For the survey, MIMO gave each firm a 30-page playbook to analyze how they compare against others across a wide range of verticals and metrics, from strategy to data execution. This will help them to target opportunity areas.

A senior partner at McKinsey and Company - Vijay D'Silva SM '92, said, "MIT was hugely important and critical to the piece of work and an amazing partner for us. We had talented MIT students on the team who did most of the analysis jointly with McKinsey, which improved the quality of the work as a result."

The merge of research and partnership is a logical step for LGO as it's always been at the frontline of problem-solving for global operations. ML is definitely the latest knowledge gap for several ventures, but not the first, and MIMO can teach organizations how to apply it.



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