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Virgin Hyperloop's Spirit of Innovation with Ground-Breaking Technology

Published Thu, Nov 12 2020 07:14 am
by The Silicon Trend

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Virgin Hyperloop Trialed its First-ever Journey with Passengers

Richard Branson’s Virgin Hyperloop – the ultra-fast form of transportation propelled by magnetic levitation pod system has completed the world’s first passenger ride on a 500mts track build at Nevada Desert at Las Vegas to the speed of 107mph(172km/h) in 15 seconds. Hyperloop envisions a future where floating pods packed with 28 passengers and cargo will hurtle through vacuum tubes at speeds of 600 miles per hour or faster. Virgin Hyperloop is not the only firm developing the concept but nobody has carried passengers before. It is a key safety test for technology it hopes will transform human and cargo transportation.


The First Two Passengers


The futuristic transport in the trial with two company staff as passengers traveled on the test track.        Josh Giegel, co-founder and chief technology officer at VH, and Sara Luchian, the company’s director of passenger experience, were the first people to ride on this new form of transportation on Sunday. Ms. Luchian said the journey was smooth and "not at all like a rollercoaster" although the acceleration was "zippier" than it would be with a longer track. Neither of them felt sick, she added.



The Concept of Hyperloop

Hyperloop represents the greatest leap in transport infrastructure for generations. With passengers sitting in a pod that travels at airline speeds through pressurized tubes using electric propulsion and magnetic levitation. The concept promises to slash journey times between major cities from several hours to a  matter of minutes. Whilst it may like science fiction, the hyperloop is now on the cusp of becoming a reality. This is the story about the concept that’s about to revolutionize the world.



The Futuristic Vision of Elon Musk

Hyperloop was first conceived in 2012 by Tesla and SpaceX founder, Elon Musk. In a white paper released the following year, Musk set out his vision for a futuristic, super high-speed transportation system that would see passenger pods move through a partial vacuum in steel tubes, addressing the two key factors that slow down conventional vehicles: friction, and air resistance. Despite its initial success, the idea was deliberately open-sourced that companies around the world were invited to develop the technology.



Top Notch-2.0 web


Virgin Hyperloop

Virgin Hyperloop is on track to achieve its ambition of bringing a hyperloop system into operation by 2021. Virgin’s hyperloop technology combines two basic principles.

  • Magnetic Levitation(MagLev) uses two sets of magnets, one to repel the train from the track and uplift it, and the other to move the floating train along the track at considerable speed with reduced friction.

  • Low-pressure vacuum-sealed environment for the passenger pods to travel

Under being in a tube, the system is protected from the weather and can operate in almost any climatic condition. Virgin hyperloop system is controlled by advanced software that ensures acceleration and deceleration occurs gradually, doing relatively unnoticed by those traveling inside.



Global countries with hyperloop technology

The proposal to build a $USD10BN route between Pune and Mumbai declared an official “Public Infrastructure Project” in 2019 was the first start to this trial event established on this Sunday at Nevada Desert. Many countries are now using this hyperloop technology after a Global challenge with a call for comprehensive proposals of hyperloop networks around the world.  In February 2018, the firm unveiled the prototype passenger pods for Dubai -Abu Dhabi hyperloop route, a network that would drastically slash the car travel time between the two cities from two hours to just 12 minutes. Dubai based ‘DP world’ is considering Virgin’s hyperloop for cargo transportation as well.



The Aim of Virgin Hyperloop

Today the first people traveled safely on a hyperloop, tomorrow virgin hyperloop will change the way the world moves with an on-demand sustainable mass transportation system that connects cities in minutes. Its supersonic speed is the major benefit that reduces the travel time with a commute no dissimilar in length. Hyperloop has the potential to completely revolutionalize the way we live, work, and travel. The future of hyperloop travel is real and the moment is now. Virgin hyperloop aimed to be safety certified by 2025 and running commercial operations by 2030. 






Image Source: Virgin Hyperloop