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Hyundai: Boston Dynamics' Spot Robot Send to the Metaverse

Published Thu, Jan 06 2022 06:30 am
by The Silicon Trend



Hyundai: Boston Dynamics' Spot Robot Send to the Metaverse

The South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer - Hyundai has some great plans for its robotics development. Thus far, the company has been willing to invest in its asset of Boston Dynamics. In December, the automotive firm provided a sneak preview in the form of a 4-wheel modular mobility platform - the Mobile Eccentric Droid (MobED).


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Metamobility Concept

Today, Hyundai highlighted a futuristic plan with its new-flanged metamobility approach. The company President - Chang Song, said that the concept's idea is that space, time, and distance will be irrelevant. When robots are linked with the metaverse, we can freely move between the real and virtual worlds. Going a step further, the robot will extend our physical senses, permitting us to enrich our daily lives with the metamobility concept.

A credible use of such tech is remote teleoperations to manage a manufacturing robot. It has been something that Toyota has been exploring for a long time with its T-HR3 system.


New Mobility of Things

At CES 2022, Hyundai didn't spend all its time in the metaverse; in turn, it introduced a concept - New Mobility of Things, that will leverage robotics to move lifeless objects autonomously. Under this new concept, there is a module named Plug & Drive (PnD) under this new concept - a single-wheel unit having intelligent braking, steering, in-wheel electric drive, suspension hardware, LIDAR, and camera sensors. These products are attached to objects such as office tables, and the user may command the table to either move closer to them or move at a specific time if space is required.

Another concept is the Drive & Lift (DnL), created to lift objects. The automotive manufacturer integrated the DnL with its MobED robot, where DnL is mounted on each MobED wheel. This allows the wheel to lift up and down, keeping it level even during speed bumps or steps.