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Indian Museum Now Greets Visitors with Immersive Innovations

Published Wed, Nov 17 2021 13:02 pm
by The Silicon Trend




Indian Museum Now Greets Visitors with Immersive Innovations

India's most significant museum that displays more than 2 lakh objects is now greeting visitors with immersive digital tech experiences such as AR, holograms, and touchscreens. Guests will get a 270-degree projected experience of being inside a cave in addition to studying about that period by leveraging the AR system. With holograms and natural LED screens with animation, audio, and video, a 17th-century Ragamala illustration will explain its personal story.



Digital Touch-walls and Holograms

Several galleries have installed digital touch walls that speed up guests to scan and download an application - becoming the virtual museum guide and changing depending on where you are in the museum and which installation you are interacting with. In addition, some 3D holograms that spot the artwork will walk alongside the guest to inform and educate them in a way that write-ups can't do.




There is an interactive digital lotus pond, where guests can dip their feet, followed by flipbooks where they can wave their hands, jump to turn the pages, and time travel - digitally place themselves in any painting or chronological age. The digital experience now lives with trials started in October, added Subrata Nath, additional director general of the national museum.