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India's First Metaverse Influencer Becomes Instagram-famous

Published Fri, Jun 24 2022 10:34 am
by The Silicon Trend






India's First Metaverse Influencer Becomes Instagram-famous

A 21-year-old dream chaser, traveler, and model - Kyra has amassed 100K followers on Instagram within six months of organizing her profile. Only, people aren't sure if she's a robot or natural. Developed by TopSocial in January 2022, Kyra is India's first CGI-rendered virtual influence, built for the metaverse. Kyra follows in the footsteps of 19-year-old Lil Miquela, who in 2016 debuted on Instagram and has around 3Mn followers by now, and South Korea's Rozy Oh, among others.


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Influencer Marketing Will Transform in the Metaverse

Though it's difficult to say what the metaverse would turn out, imagine attempting to predict the destiny of the early internet; the term explains a network of shared virtual worlds that leverage real-time 3D software. Currently, people can attend conferences, virtual meetings, and concerts; buy real estate; create a digital avatar; purchase and sell NFTs and virtual and real-life products; and more. Along with the metaverse expansion scope, its market is projected to be an $800Bn industry by 2024. 


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Influencer marketing is one-way brands can access target audiences within the metaverse. The market is currently at $13.8Bn industry, with brands expected to spend up to $15Bn/year on influencer marketing through 2022. 

The rise of the metaverse has distinct benefits for content creators and brands that can take advantage of Web3 tech. 3D virtual experiences can improve creator value and make for more engaging brand-influencer partnerships; NFTs can operate as a social token that rewards consumers and positively affects brand image. Meta-influencers give brands more control over their ambassadors and create unique relationships with their consumers.

To sum up, collaborating the metaverse into influencer marketing methods could be a productive tactic for brands to achieve a competitive benefit in an evolving market.



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The Threat of Digital Influencers

Kyra and her counterparts have an issue in common - they fit and further body image issues. According to beauty reporter - Jessica DeFino, a study has shown that constantly seeing photoshopped, airbrushed, and digitally modified human models has devastating impacts on mental health. She said she could only predict that the popularity of virtually-rendered models will strengthen even more irrational beauty standards and compound all of the psychological and physical trauma that comes with them.


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