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Intel & Partners Develop 5G Smart Factory to Explain Industry 4.0 Merits

Published Mon, Jun 21 2021 16:05 pm
by The Silicon Trend


Intel has developed a 5G smart factory from the ground up to explain the merits of industry 4.0 digitalization. The end-to-end smart factory is Verona-based, Italy & is based on Intel FPGAs, Intel Edge Controls for Industrial & Edge Insights for Industrial Software, & Intel Atom & Xeon Scalable Processors. Intel is partnering with Telecom Italia (TIM), EXOR International & JMA Wireless on the project.

CTO of EXOR International - Claudio Ambra stated, they created this intelligent factory from the ground up to take competitive advantage of the latest AI & 5G techs from Telecom Italia & Intel. Their smart factory in Verona will explain that digitalization can happen at any scale. This is significant for small & medium-size makers who are looking to stay competitive in the market. She also added, they can't wait to share what is possible for manufacturers of all sizes with 4.0 industry solutions.

Fourth Industrial Revolution

Industry 4.0, also called the 4th industrial revolution, hybrids modern techs including AI, VR/AR, 5G, Cloud & Edge Computing & IoT to bring digital changes of value-created processes, production, & related industries. The study from Fortune Business Insights forecasts the smart manufacturing market to reach over $506 billion by 2027, representing a whopping compound annual growth rate of 12.2%.

Christine Boles - Vice President of the IoT Group & GM of Industrial Solutions Division at Intel noted, they see 4.0 industry adoption accelerating & hearing from people that they are interested in understanding how the innovative techs can speed up their digital transformation. EXOR's novel smart factory is an excellent example of how employing solutions based on standards with open architectures can minimize maintenance costs, maximize productivity & take advantage of new-flanged business opportunities.

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Operational Benefits

The intelligent factory will explain the working benefits, including:

  • A precise indicator of whether everything planned for a week, including documentation, components & supplies, is in order & production-ready.
  • Real-time updates on order status & work-in-progress advancements, irrespective of order size.
  • Autonomous human resource scheduling, reaction to modifications in orders & employer availability in real-time.

While businesses are increasingly keen on how they can continue shifting their digital transformations to remain advantageous. Many are still unfamiliar with how to go about it. The smart factory will offer a working example. An on-premise 5G lab via partnering with local operator TMI will also permit experimentation with next-generation mobile connectivity.

The lab will explore 5G's potential to:

  • Impact edge computing cluster network vs. wired connections.
  • Enhance communication in an extreme factory design set-up.
  • Enable peer-to-peer communication via industrial robot usage.

A portion of the intelligent factory floor & 5G lab will open for other firms to see how they can transform towards 4.0 Industry digitalization.






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