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iPhone 13 on the Market, Carriers Set to Capture New Customers

Published Wed, Sep 22 2021 06:01 am
by The Silicon Trend

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iPhone 13 on the Market, Carriers Set to Capture New Customers

After the Apple California Streaming event held on September 14, 2021, the deals for iPhone 13 have become extra aggressive, followed by the carrier's eagerness for customer upgrades. Carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile have provided competing offers such as free iOS upgrades and a $500 gift card for carrier switch, tempting people in changing carriers, cellular plan sign up, and old device exchange.


Carrier's Plan to Control Upgrading Cycle

Carriers are thirsty to control our upgrading cycle and feel like we are back to subsidy models. But, be it any carrier we choose, all of its offers suit the same fundamental assumption. So, for instance, we trade in our old iPhone device to get a discount for the latest iPhone model. But once the exchange is done, we still would have to pay the balance in monthly installments.

The latest plan will control the device type & time that can be upgraded to next, which assists phone developers and carriers in predicting device demands and offering a free upgrade. Moreover, we have to sign up for expensive unlimited plans for at least 2 years or 3 years in AT&T.



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Switching from EIP to the Subsidy Version

 According to Jeffrey Moore, "The offers are more generous, but the big picture is that we're seeing a shift from the EIP [Equipment Installment Plan] model to the subsidy model. To some extent, we're back to the subsidy model that existed a decade ago, when people routinely got an iPhone for $200 but paid higher monthly rates."

If you are an existing carrier customer, then the minimum things to be done are - willingness for Verizon premium plan upgrades & if not one then - AT&T unlimited plan or get a lesser selling T-Mobile offer.


Chip Shortage Impacts Android Phone Supply

In a retail wireless survey conducted by the Wave7 Research in the US stores, it is found that the iPhone activation at the national carrier stores is more than 60%, with the remaining dominant share activations being Samsung. But the supply of Android devices has been obstructed because of the ongoing worldwide chip shortage, where multiple Samsung models have gone out of stock online.

With the latest iPhone 13 having 5G connectivity floods the American stores, it's impossible to ignore why carriers have a motive in making iOS a better success.





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