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Mercedez Upgrading Electric eVito and eSprinter Van for 2021

Published Thu, Dec 03 2020 14:30 pm
by Sangeetha Arunkumar

Mercedes Benz e-van 1

Electric vans à la carte

Mercedes-Benz plans to offer all its commercial van model lines with electric drive. After conducting direct talks to find out and analyze customer’s wishes and expectations Diamler took a new approach to develop its new generation of electric vans. The zero-emission commercial vehicles of eVito and the eSprinter launched long before the Market as a part of the vehicle’s evolution. The range of commercial vehicles that are made to measure for a wide spectrum of applications are customized to meet the needs of customers used by large fleet operators, individual companies, and tradespeople with much smaller fleets. After the precise analyses of specific challenges flowed into the development process, the eVito will be launched on the market in autumn and the eSprinter will follow suit next year.


Special Features to Worth Note

Considering the basic expectations of customers, Mercedes Benz concerns with the obvious questions of electric van’s range and battery capacity, and also the parameters such as load capacity and payloads. To meet the customers’ real needs, the team of Daimler technicians worked together with potential customers to analyze the routes they drive on daily basis with conventionally powered vehicles. 

•    Electrifying the fleet – to represent the driving profiles with an electric system, several models were provided to customers for testing in daily use to find out what was working and what wasn’t. During this testing phase, all the parameters from the range, payload, charging capacity, charging time were scrutinized. On the other side infrastructure at the locations and adequate power lines for electrifying, the fleets were also investigated and analyzed. 

•    Electric Mobility with the eVan Ready App  – the new eVito comes with 41kWh battery capacity and a range of 150 kilometers take six hours of charging at 7.2kW AC, eSprinter offers two different ranges of 150Kms and 115kms. Considering the need of customers with greater range and a lower payload the team developed a free-of-charge eVan Ready App for a smartphone to record the route on the daily drive and calculates how much of the route be driven with an eVito.

•    Customized Electric vans – Depends on the different utilities by the urban environment or the tradesman, the fleets of six vehicles or more carried out to find out the local power supply was adequate to the needs or alternate measures necessary to expand the grid connection.

•    Switching to alternative drive systems -  the development has made the public much more aware of electric mobility. As a result, fleet customers and tradespeople, municipalities, and public authorities are also interested and thinking about to switch the alternate drive systems

•    Absence of engine noise – Driving an electric van is simply more fun. We will get the fast acceleration only at the very start and later no noise of engine throughout the drive with an electric van. 



Specifications and price of Electric Vehicles 


The zero-emission commercial vehicles start at £40,895 plus VAT, with the capacity of the 35kWh L2 model in progressive trim includes DAB radio, reversing camera, and anti-theft Protection package with double locks, a standard new-style grille chrome fins along with an eight-meter Type 2 charging cable. And upgrading to the mid-range Plus Package takes the price to £42,015plus tax, added with color-coded bumpers, electrically folding mirrors, full wheel covers, parking sensors, and a 75 mph speed limit. 


Advantages of Electric Vehicles


•   114bhp electric motors and 92-mile range when using “balanced” E driving

•   An optimized assistance system provides real-time reports on critical parts, fluids, and journey logs.

•   Theft warning alerts and Live locking from a smartphone

•   Geofenced provides live traffic information and accident management

•   A heater pre-conditioning system needs less demand on the heater


A Glimpse of Electric van into the Future


From the above parameters, the luxury electric vehicle of Mercedes Benz would definitely be going to serve the best to any type of requirements with its customized version and it will be the turning point to all the upcoming electric vehicles by its empathetic approach to the customers. Coming to the next step of the electrification process of vans lies in the concept Sprinter F-CELL, which is the prototype designed as a camper van that symbolizes all the advantages of hydrogen drive, especially suitable for longer courier runs. When the concept Sprinter F-CELL is combined with a fuel-cell with a plug-in hybrid, the output of the system is almost 147 kW. Installing an enlarged hydrogen tank in the rear area gives the increased range from about 300 kilometers to 530 kilometers that offers more leeway for creating customized models. 




Image source: Daimler