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Meredith Whittaker to Join FTC as an AI Advisor

Published Wed, Nov 03 2021 07:31 am
by The Silicon Trend



Meredith Whittaker to Join FTC as an AI Advisor

Google's former AI researcher and activist Meredith Whittaker will be hired by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as a full-time policy adviser to AI. The FTC recruitment of Whittaker indicates a govt firm's target to step up the investigation of how big tech groups like Google apply AI to their software products. Her current role in the research group at the University of New York focuses on how AI created by Facebook, Google, and several others unintentionally contributes to gender and race hindrance.

In 2018, thousands of google employers, including Whittaker, were part of the mass protest against Google's mishandling of sexual misconduct allegations against executives. In 2019, she left the company to work full-time on AI ethics and focus more on the organization for an accountable tech firm.


Bias Against Conservatives

The New York Times statement unveiled that Google had concealed why the 2 best executives left, one of whom, an Android developer - Andy Rubin, left with a huge payout. For a long time, Google has motivated its workforce to conduct open debates on the internal message boards. But this harmed the firm as the employees have initiated talks on numerous issues. The Republican critics said workset pressure is adding to a bias against Google's conservatives.


AI into New Markets

In 2017, one of the conservative workforces posted a dispute comment adding, women are less suitable for being engineers than men, igniting outrage from other workers. Whittaker added her worry about the company's powerful AI position in new markets - transport, healthcare, governance, and city development.

She also said the significant gaining of monopolistic power affects the world, including the acceleration of fossil fuel extraction and surveillance tech deployment. Such changes would pose serious structural enhancement in how the tech is created. Other employee protests arose over the tech giant: whether to release a censored search engine in China and a contract to tackle the automatic picture recognition for American military drones.



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