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Meta Platform Gave a Hint of its First VR Wearables

Published Tue, Nov 30 2021 09:10 am
by The Silicon Trend




Meta Platform Gave a Hint of its First VR Wearables

In a movie named Ready Player One, a novel-based film by Ernest Cline, the lead character escapes to an online world called OASIS. Here the protagonist wears a haptic bodysuit that helps him interact and move around with his body in the online realm, followed by tactile sensations.


Haptic Glove Development

Though the OASIS tech is commercially not available yet, the formerly known Facebook - Meta Platform, Inc., is in the earlier phase of developing haptic gloves that bring the virtual realm to us. Meta said these gloves have been under development for over 7 years, and there are more to go for its complete prototype to be released.

The haptic gloves will allow the users to interact and control the virtual realm with a similar experience in the physical realm. The users will be using the gloves in pairs with AR/VR headsets. Concerning the creation, Meta has posted a video where 2 people have a remote thumb-wrestling match. Using their VR headsets, the users saw pair of hands mocking the actions created by their very own hands.



Meta's Vision

Meta Reality Lab's research director - Sean Keller, mentioned, "We use our hands to communicate with others, to learn about the world, and to take action within it. We can take advantage of a lifetime of motor learning if we bring full hand presence into AR and VR". According to Meta's vision, they are looking forward to a customizable, feathery, comfortable glove that will forward all the tactile data such as weight, pressure, and texture.

It will track our hand movements with utmost accuracy and relay the virtual data back to the users when the glove interacts with a virtual object or surface.



Meta Controversies

As part of their ground-breaking tech release, Meta focuses on developing wearable wrist devices and AR-based glasses. The glasses will allow users to navigate the physical realm while tending to virtual needs such as coffee ordering or spreadsheet evaluations. However, Meta's vision of haptic gloves had already received controversy when the haptics firm - HaptX tweeted on Tuesday 16th November that their model seems to be somewhat similar to their patented technology. As a result, the founder and CEO of the company have asked for a fair and equitable arrangement that will solve the issue while Meta continues to leverage HaptX's technology.



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