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Meta Rushes to Release First AR Glasses in 2024

Published Fri, Apr 15 2022 13:47 pm
by The Silicon Trend





Meta Rushes to Release First AR Glasses in 2024

Not Yet an AR Glass Prototype from Meta

The Meta owner - Mark Zuckerberg, has a massive vision for the metaverse, and he hopes one day we'll see the same thing through a pair of AR glasses. He calls the glasses a holy grail device that will redefine our relationship with tech, similar to the introduction of smartphones. The demonstrations during the Meta presentation, like a game of playing virtual chess on a real table with an avatar, weren't based on any functioning software or hardware. However, Meta doesn't have the working prototype of its planned AR glasses yet, rather than a stationary demo on a table.

Meta is racing to deliver its first generation by 2024. However, it is already working on a compact and more advanced design for 2026 and its third version in 2028. 


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Zuckerberg Wants AR Glasses to be an iPhone Moment

Meta's reputation has been sustained by privacy and content moderation scandals, hurting employee morale and faith in leadership. As a result, policymakers are trying to company and restrict its personalized ad business - and among its Silicon Valley peers, it's known as a ruthless imitator. However, if the AR glasses and the other futuristic hardware Meta is building eventually catch on, they can cast the company and extend Zuckerberg in a new light. 

One of the ex-employees who worked on the project said Zuckerberg wants AR glasses to be an iPhone moment. Despite spending billions on the creation of AR glasses, Meta internally has tepid sales expectations for the first version of AR glass dupped Project Nazare - aiming at early developers and adopters. Though the company hasn't revealed the glass's pricing rate, the device might be more expensive than the $299 Quest VR headset.


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Meta Expect to Sell Millions of Smart Glasses

In addition to Nazare, separate, previously unreported smart glasses called Hypernova are also planned for 2024. This glass will pair with a nearby device to display incoming messages and notifications through a compact, heads-up display.

With Nazare, Hypernova, and breakthrough futuristic versions of the Ray-Ban camera-equipped glasses, Meta expects to sell millions of smart glasses towards the end of this decade. In addition, Zuckerberg said he plans on increasing the spending on developing AR and VR hardware in the coming ages, a big bet happening while his business is under constant pressure from all sides. 

While Meta racing toward the 2024 ship goal, there's no guarantee whether Nazare will meet the goal. Its ship years have already gone out of hand several times. In addition, work is still underway on the product experience, especially the software side.


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