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Metaverse Plans: Disney to Connect Physical and Digital Worlds

Published Sat, Nov 13 2021 10:49 am
by The Silicon Trend



Princess Elsa and Mickey Mouse are assured to travel into the metaverse. Bob Chapel, Walt Disney CEO said, the entertainment conglomerate is now preparing for a most significant venture into the VR world, joining the likes of Microsoft and Mark Zuckerberg. He said, "The Walt Disney Company has a long track record as an early adopter in the use of technology to enhance the entertainment experience."



Disney Venture Struggle

In a CNBC interview, Chapel mentioned his aim to extend the Disney+ via a 3D canvas, envision the new way of storytelling, involving the cast of characters that range from Mickey Mouse to Luke Skywalker, Snow White, and Iron Man. Some of the entertainment company struggles were - children's social network, Club Penguin that shutdown in 2017, $563M Playdom purchase in 2010, a YouTube network - Marker Studio purchased for $500M in 2014.



The Metaverse Elsewhere

Mark Zuckerberg has been the most popular metaverse exponent, where he also publicized the renaming of Facebook's corporate name to Meta. The firm highlighted that fully-fledged VR world - cloth trying or attending a concert is not a soon venture. Microsoft is launching metaverse for workforces through Teams product leveraged by over 250Mn people per month for hosting video meetings. Other big game-making companies that are working on their own metaverse are Epic Games and Roblox Corp.




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