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Nestle and Enterra Solutions Collaborates for AI-driven Business

Published Thu, Sep 30 2021 06:11 am
by The Silicon Trend



Nestle and Enterra Solutions Collaborates for AI-driven Business

Nestle, a multinational food and beverage processing conglomerate, has recently expanded its AI activities by introducing a new-flanged tool - Cookie Coach. The company's lead AI programmer - Carolina Pinart, said AI was driving progress towards improved efficiency, digital sustainability, and operations. The US company branch has developed this automated bot to answer questions regarding the recipe of its Toll House chocolate chip cookie. Nestle USA has integrated top-notch evolving techs like Deep learning, Cryptocurrency, AR, AI, and many more to promote more extraordinary consumer services.


Incorporation of Futuristic Techs in Business

A software company in the US - Enterra Solutions, has partnered with Nestle USA to leverage AI software for the strategic objectives of the corporates. The collaboration targets to achieve marketing and sale competence via automated decision making. Nestle focuses on creating a bond between customers and suppliers by collecting data and integrating futuristic techs: artificial learning, AI, and data analytics. The brand's product procurement and distribution methods are tested using AI-based network management.

Amid pandemic, several companies have adopted the concept of remote working, conferences, or meetings. For example, Nestle has improved its AR tech to connect with suppliers, development teams, and R&D sites, followed by the leveraging of smart glasses, 3D software, and 360-degree cameras to tackle complex projects. Another area where the brand has invested in the blockchain in collaboration with OpenSC, establishing supply chain transparency.

To develop data-driven market models, Nestle has adopted data analytics and AI. The company leveraged Azure and Microsoft Power BI to build a centralized data center to create reliable business intelligence and data analytics application for top-notch quality, scalable data.


Enhancing Customer Services

Business longevity depends on customer satisfaction. Their retention carves the most straightforward route to your venture's success. With the arrival of disruptive techs, Nestle has always strived to maintain a bond with its customers. Its data analytics measures scrutinize and understand user's behaviors, patterns, and desires. By leveraging ML, NLP, conversational AI, and voice assistants, the firm has managed to create a one-on-one bond with its customers, enhancing personalized engagement via various sources. Customer understanding and data analytics help the brand to identify various user preferences and design products.


Inventory Management 

The brand has publicized the utilization of SAS analytics to improve precise forecasting and demand plans and reduce supply chain fallacies and inventory overstocks. In addition, Nestle leverages the robotics and predictive analytics potentials for industry automation and traceable supply chains. In 2020, the company raised the transport hub tech scope, covering 50% of its global logistic network. It also extended AI tools to estimate delivery and sourcing procedures, inching towards carbon-emission minimization, sustainable packing, and plant-based food production.




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