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NHS Trials Leveraging Drones for Chemotherapy Drug Delivery

Published Mon, Jul 18 2022 13:36 pm
by The Silicon Trend






Drones will now be leveraged to deliver drugs to swiftly courier essential medicines, announced NHS. As part of a pilot procedure, Chemotherapy drugs will navigate from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight hospital. NHS England added that it has expected that the tech will lead to same-day order delivery across the nation. According to CEO Amanda Pritchard, the scheme will be trailed in Northumbria.


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Publicizing it ahead of the 74th founding anniversary of NHS, she said it was precise that the speed of change and enhancement across the health service is only gearing up. She added that couriering chemo by drone is another extravagant growth for cancer patients. She displays how the NHS will stop at nothing to ensure we get the treatment required promptly while reducing expenses.

An NHS England spokesman added that chemo drugs were tough to deliver as some doses have a short span. However, he said, it was expected that the new courier process, which has been developed in alliance with Apian, would provide a better choice for cancer patients living on the Isle of Wight, many of whom currently have to travel to the mainland for a cure.


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