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NVIDIA Omniverse and Its Remote Working Efficiency

Published Mon, Oct 18 2021 07:32 am
by The Silicon Trend




NVIDIA Omniverse and Its Remote Working Efficiency

Being successful away from the workplace needs more than just conferencing and email approaches. Remote workforces need methods to speed up complex workloads like AI, interactive graphics, data science, etc. Whether gaming, digital architecture, VR, or automobile designing, NVIDIA can meet the performance and power to deliver every need no matter where you are.


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Leveraging 3D Tech in AEC Sector

The Covid-19 has taken the world to a digital era, where remote working models have been rapidly adopted. Though at the beginning of the pandemic, several developing industries faced challenges as time went by, they slowly took up with a pace. To obtain more streamlined results, proficient globally utilizes new tech in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) sector.

Today these sectors are leveraging real-time 3D tech to modify the design, creation, and operation. Several companies worldwide have adopted ML and real-time ray tracing to develop e-humans. Other sectors that started leveraging modern techs include transportation, Govt, energy, etc.


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NVIDIA Enabling AEC Workflow

For an extraordinary experience, RTX GPUs, based on the NVIDIA Ampere design - RTX A5000 and A4000 are integrated into futuristic aspects and performance. This will ease engineers with swiftness and potential to facilitate tasks like developing innovative products, top design buildings, super-sampling, and more through remote working. Moreover, considering work procedure and budget, AEC proficient can select the perfect model thanks to the new mobile laptop GPUs.



NVIDIA Omniverse

NVIDIA Omniverse is a robust multi-GPU collaboration and simulation platform for 3D workflows like cityscapes for visualization and design operation procedures with physical precision. The development team can quickly review the design ideas and execute analysis without adjustment and re-rendering by leveraging the Omniverse.

Being multi-GPU, teams can meet the changing computational needs of various project scales and sizes. In addition, this platform stands out from the crowd, as its outstanding model quality helps AEC teams to get faster approvals and work collaboration efficiency. 





NVIDIA CloudXR drives the mixed reality future to graphics so that AEC workforces can remotely work with the potential of connecting tetherless to robust virtual workstations. With this, the team can view the structural design and see certain materials under different light conditions. In addition, they can tour the digital art piece and employ risk and safety assessment seamlessly with next-level visuals.

These advanced tools came to the AEC sector rescue when it was struggling amid the Covid-19 crisis. The remote working has become so efficient that design teams find techniques such as feedback exchanges, making modifications, viewing real-time ray-traced prototypes, etc.




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