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PayPal Checkout with Cryptocurrency - Mass Adoption of Crypto

Published Mon, Apr 05 2021 08:49 am
by Angitha Menon



PayPal enables American users to checkout with cryptocurrency and other payment approaches in the PayPal wallet, which significantly increases the cryptocurrency utility. Present at millions of worldwide online businesses & continuing to develop over the coming months, the users with cryptocurrency holdings in the U.S. will quickly opt for crypto checkout.

Enabling the potential to sell, hold & buy cryptocurrency with PayPal, customers with crypto checkout can seamlessly & safely convert their holdings such as Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, or Ethereum into fiat currency at checkouts, with no extra transaction fees. The crypto checkout will appear automatically on the PayPal wallet at checkout for the people with adequate cryptocurrency balance to cover an appropriate purchase.

The CEO & President of PayPal - Dan Schulman, quotes, "As the use of e-payments & digital currencies hasten, the launch of crypto checkout continues as our aim of driving the mainstream selection of cryptocurrency while continuing to user's flexibility & choice in the ways they can pay using the PayPal Wallet. Allowing cryptocurrencies to make business purchases around the globe is the next chapter in managing the ubiquity & mass approval of digital currencies."

Introducing State-of-the-art Way for Businesses to Get Paid

PayPal's offer had made one of the biggest mainstream financial firms open its cryptocurrency network & help ignite a rally in virtual coin prices. Bitcoin has nearly doubled in value at the beginning of 2021, enhanced by financial giants' rapid interest. The PayPal's launch comes less than a week after the giant - Tesla stated it will start accepting bitcoin payments for its products.

Crypto checkout provides users a way to checkout with cryptocurrency without any additional transaction fees. All the payments are settled in U.S. dollars & converted to the required currency for business at the standard PayPal conversion prices. This system allows users to sell cryptocurrency through PayPal to then selected online purchases to pay a company in one straightforward checkout approach.

Crypto checkout continues PayPal's commitment to equipping the option in customer's payment ways & how businesses get paid. 

Crypto Checkout

Crypto checkout will show the users the option to select the payment mode if they have adequate cryptocurrency of a single kind held in their PayPal wallet to cover the purchase rate. Appearing along with other payment approaches in PayPal wallet like balance or debit card/credit card, a bank account, the crypto checkout payment flow remains identical & common to other methods of checking out with PayPal:

  • During checkout, if a user has an adequate cryptocurrency balance to cover a worthy purchase, the crypto will automatically appear as a payment approach.
  • Users will choose their choice of cryptocurrency - Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Litecoin, depending on what the customers are holding with PayPal & balances available in each cryptocurrency. Only a single type of cryptocurrency can be used as payment for each purchase.
  •  Once the user verifies the purchase, the cryptocurrency is converted to fiat currency by PayPal on behalf of users & the transaction will be complete. The user will receive a record of both sales as well as the purchased products.
  • No transaction fees are charged by PayPal during crypto checkout - a cryptocurrency conversion spread will develop into the conversion from crypto to U.S. dollar.

Worthy crypto checkout purchases include security, safety & other numerous benefits of using PayPal, including return shipping, 24x7 fraud safeguarding & purchase protection on eligible products. Last year, PayPal affirmed its launch into the crypto world after acquiring a conditional authority from the New York State Dept. of Financial Services - NYDFS, allowing U.S. customers of its Venmo service to sell, hold & buy cryptocurrencies.

PayPal recently publicized the plan to obtain Curv - a start-up based in Tel Aviv that offers security infrastructure for e-assets & blockchains.













Image source: Twitter